The Straight Line the permanent object and, at the same time, the subject of my artistic work. Yes, the straight line, that simple and magnificent concept we all grabbed when we were so little, that we never had to think about it again. It is so embedded in ourselves that we take it for granted. But the truth is that our existence as intelligent beings is empowered by it, as the tree is empowered by its roots. We might not see them, but the roots are as powerful as the tree itself, and its life support. I wonder when it happened, that a species made the big, and yet small, step of discovering the concept of the straight line. The step was an irreversible one in its evolution, creating the human species and pushing it on a different path from all other living beings. I don't know if grasping that concept came as a consequence of this original species standing erect and straight from four legs to two. Or if, once they grabbed it, they applied it to lift themselves up from the ground, in an attempt to segregate from all other species. In any case, once the straight line was conquered everything else became easier. It was (and it is) just a matter of time for our developing human imagination to carry us anywhere we want. It is amazing that from a natural world where the straight line doesn't exist (nature is curvilinear everywhere) such a concept could ever arise. It propelled our species to its own development, outside the schemes of nature. The straight line is the concept that represents the only natural variable (gravity) from which all the other variables derive. With this concept in hand, the conquest of the second most important variable, space (as an unit of length) was a short line away. And the third most important, time, was also a short two-lines away.
      So there we were with the line as a concept, and promptly also as a tool, and with the help of the space and time constructs, launching ourselves to the unknown worlds of our own imagination.
      Now here we are, after this process has been growing exponentially, positioning ourselves as judges of our own existence and masters of the universe. Are we guilty of stealing nature's own path? Should we regret that moment when the line was first tamed?
      I just want to reconsidered where I think we come from, of the beginning of our time when our ancestors first and naively lifted the gravestone where nature had buried its one and most important secret...

The Straight Line