Bermejo's profession is that of a scientist whose work has focused on the investigation of motor control. For many years side by side with his scientific activity he has also been an artist. He always assumed that there was some parallel activity going on between his scientific involvement and his art. I realize that parallels can always be drawn between art and science but that they are not necessarily the most useful in describing his art, which is best seen rather than talked about.

Some of his art work is involved in light and color and its interdependence. And for the purpose of giving some idea of a model to verbally draw upon would be between Josef Albers's investigation of color on the one hand, and James Turrel's investigation of the perception of light on the other, thus the title of one of his series: The Light of Colors.
(John Coplans, Artforum former Editor-in-chief, Museum Director, Curator, Artist)                    

The Garden of Eden # 22
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